Monday, August 8, 2011

"Buns VS Guns" and a length check!

Hello family! It's been a while since my last blog I decided to share my most recent YT video tutorial on here for you all! I got the title of this post from my girl you'll see in the video...getting this bun done took a little arm strength! Lol So....I hope you all enjoy!

Also, if you have any questions or video/blog requests please send them to

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graduation & Natural Hair! Gotta Make It Fit Under That Cap!

So, for weeks I've been trying to decide how to wear my hair for my upcoming graduation!  Well, I finally came up with a style and it actually turned out pretty cute!  I didn't want anything that was too much, because the day after I graduate....I also leave for camp!  So here's what I came up with.  I did some flat twists on one side and pinned it up.  It almost looks like I was going to do a crown....but not quite.  I used AfroVeda PUR Whipped Hair Gelly for the flat twists and the two strand twists in the back.  The style was simple, and it'll last me for a while!  I will be editing the video for this soon and posting pictures from my graduation (it's tomorrow...yay!).  Hope you like!  Oh and as you can see from the last cap fits perfectly! ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Curly Girls Rock & the 2011 World Natural Hair Show

Hello everyone!  Here are the pictures that I have from Curly Girls Rock and The World Natural Hair Show!  I didn't get a whole lot of pictures from either event (at CGR I forgot to bring my SD card for my camera and I was just too all over the place at the hair, I know...I gotta do better!).  I will be posting a video to show you all the products that I purchased and just to talk about my experience.  Enjoy the pictures! 

Katrina, BreakageinAtlanta (TheCoilWhisperer), Keke, and my homie JuJu!

 LOVED my hair at Curly Girls Rock!

Side view of my hair at Curly Girls Rock (Shout out to "Shrink Grow Learn" for taking this pic!)

 All ready to leave for the Hair Show! I LOVED my hair y'all! BTW

 LethalPleazure, TheCoilWhisperer, Keke52284, and AlexanderBond
 Keke and LethalPleazure
 I don't know this diva but her hair was too cute!

 EvelynParther and Keke
BlsedNMovin4ward and Keke ‬‏
 Me and one of my subscribers! She was such a sweetheart!

 Gorgeous natural hair diva all the way from DC! We started talking and you would've thought we'd known each other for years! lol She was such a sweetie! Great personality!
 Jessi of Jessie Curls (on the right) and her curly haired cousin (on the left).  Both of these ladies were such sweethearts! I met them at Curly Girls Rock too! Ohhhh...and shout out to Jessi Curl for being one of the sponsors for KCC & Keke's Magic City Meetup!
 Keke and the gorgeous Cherie Huff of
 Keke and Tarin of Naturally ME! MediaShe was just too cute! Her hair = AMAZING!
 Keke and Farrah of MahoganyKnots! 
 Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood...her skin was flawless!

 Me and one of my gorgeous natural hair subscribers! y'all see these earrings??  DIVA!!
Keke and Bahiyah aka EnticingBeauti 

 Keke and Tomoka Twists owner!  Loved her!  Peep her earring game! #hotness
One of my super sweet subscribers!  It was great meeting you June!
And if the hair show couldn't get any better...I ran into two of my friends from my FRESHMAN year of college!  I haven't seen these divas since 2003!!  I was so great running into them and both of them have GORGEOUS natural hair!

NOW....these pictures of Curly Girls Rock and the World Natural Hair Show are courtesy of the lovely BreakageInAtlanta/TheCoilWhisperer!  Go check out both her channels!  She is gorgeous inside and out and girlfriend has some fierce natural hair!  Enjoy! (Thanks again T! HUGS!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CONTEST TIME - Curly Girls Rock - Natural Hair Show - KCC KEKE Event

Contest Rules:
1. Must be a subscriber to my YT channel
2. Must subscribe to my blog:
3. Must be 18 years or older
4. Must type comment below the video on my YouTube channel, "Keke, I Want That Stuff!"
5. One entry per person